Marketing plays a huge role in the overall success of companies. It is through campaigns, advertisements, and other marketing techniques that consumers gain awareness about the products and services offered by your Brand. In the current economic climate, many businesses are hesitant to spend money on their marketing strategies. Understandably, companies are being lean and spending cautiously. But don’t forget, Marketing is not just another expense, it is investment in your Brand.

Nowadays, Brands spend less money on marketing but produce a higher volume of collateral. When you create a high volume of low-quality products, you are not marketing effectively. Marketing requires innovation, creativity, and the ability to build connections. When you invest in your Brand, it will yield great returns. Although creating a marketing strategy that rises above the noise may seem like a daunting task, there are actually small marketing techniques that can impact your Brand while adhering to budget constraints. In this article, we will discuss the five small ways you can enhance your marketing while impacting the long-term success of your Brand.

1: Leverage Your Base

Your Brand has loyal customers. These customers continue to support you when the market is challenging. Many Brands do not fully leverage the power of their loyal customers. The most powerful form of marketing is word of mouth. Word of mouth marketing typically does not receive much attention because it is hard to quantify. How do you measure if people are talking about your company? How do you assess the true return on investment? People are 90% more likely to purchase a product a trusted friend recommends.

How do you begin developing a strategy for word of mouth marketing? Access your loyal customers! If consumers are loyal to your company, they will likely be willing to advocate for your Brand. Try enabling a brand ambassador program or incentive system that encourages loyal customers to share their experience with your Brand with their network.

2: Tell Your Story

Everyday, your Brand is making an impact in someone’s life. Someone has had a life-changing experience at your healthcare facility. Someone reads the new articles posted on your site every morning. Maybe, your career tips help someone land their dream job. Although these types of situations happen everyday, they tell a story about the purpose behind the products that you offer. By sifting through customer testimonials, you can tell a story about the impact of your company. These stories are relatable and invoke emotion. Integrating an emotional component into your marketing strategy can increase customer loyalty and allow you to reach new markets.

3: Use Third Party Specialists

If you are working to produce quality content that reaches your target audience, utilize the expertise of third party specialists. Content creators, strategists, and marketing specialists can help you maximize your reach, no matter what your budget is. RocketDog handles the marketing and Branding for clients so that they have more time to focus on bettering their products and caring for their customer base.

In addition to third party specialists, consider investing in a photo library. Photo libraries allow you to produce more content without having to hire professional photographers for every image that is used in marketing collateral. When you work with third party vendors, you only pay for the products that you need. If you are not consistently releasing high-quality content, you are not providing value back to your base of customers. Quality content is the key to gaining and maintaining new customer relationships. In addition, your content needs to be unique! You must be producing ideas that customers cannot find elsewhere. 

4: Make Online Connections

Print and digital marketing collateral can be an expensive investment! When you are looking for touchpoints with prospective customers, utilize email and social media platforms. Although some things may have costs associated, you can have many touchpoints online without accruing additional costs. Post frequently, share reviews from customers, and update your followers on a regular basis. Target emails and send them to the relevant customer base. When you invest time into social media marketing, you can organically expand your reach.

5: Develop Partnerships

Corporate partnerships are one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences. Most likely, there are other businesses in your town or industry that are looking to expand their reach. By partnering together, you can leverage the networks of each Brand. Partnerships solidify your reputation as a trustworthy company and allow you to market your products to new audiences. When working to establish a partnership, make the following considerations:

  • Do the Brands have a similar customer base?
  • Do the mission and vision of the Brands align?
  • Are the companies reaching different groups of people?
  • Is this partnership mutually beneficial?

If the answer is yes to all of the questions above, you can begin discussing the details of a partnership.


When your Brand has an integrated marketing strategy, you are able to tell your story in an effective way. By using a common language across all platforms, consumers will likely have positive experiences with your Brand. If you are struggling to invest in your marketing efforts, consider the small ways that you can make a big impact. From turning loyal customers into ambassadors to enhancing your social media presence, you can expand your reach while bettering the customer experience. At RocketDog, we take a holistic approach to Branding. We create experiences that change the way people think about your Brand. Although some Brand experiences are big, the small interactions that happen on a day to day basis are impactful to consumers. To enhance your marketing, you must extend your reach and improve consumer touch points.