Many healthcare companies are not only held to high standards of customer service and medical expertise, they are tasked with communicating frequently using the tools and platforms that their customers use on a regular basis. What is the platform that patients are using to search for more information? Social Media. The work of Brands in the healthcare industry is vital across the globe.  With so much pressure put on the quality of health services, there is constantly information that needs to be disseminated to patients. People want to know that you are dedicated to taking care of their loved ones, no matter what the situation. Customers want to know that you are intelligent, discerning, and highly trained in your area of expertise. Patients want to know that they will have a positive experience at your facility and teams, even if they are suffering from an illness. With so many things to balance on their plate, many healthcare providers struggle to prioritize Social Media marketing.

At RocketDog, we have had the ability to see how effective and unique Branding can transform companies in the healthcare industry. For example, our work with Evergreen Healthcare improved the expectations of patients about what they could expect when interacting with the Evergreen Brand. By creating a unique and memorable campaign that customers were able to connect with, the hospital saw many positive results. The Evergreen Website traffic grew by over 40%, affinity for the Brand increased, market visibility improved, and the messaging became more relatable. When it comes to Social Media, crafting unique and relatable messaging is just a piece of the puzzle. In addition to relatable messaging, there must be an engagement strategy. How are you engaging the community? What are the key messages that you want to communicate? How are you making the healthcare industry more accessible?  These questions are vital to ask if you want to see success on Social Media.  Social Media marketing is utilized by Brands to promote products and services in innovative ways everyday. Unfortunately,  the “noise” on Social platforms is becoming louder and louder. Engaging with  customers in a personal way is critical to the overall success of your Social Media strategy. Patients want to connect with your Brand. Effective Social Media marketing allows Brands to develop a personality that their clients can relate to.

Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Healthcare is a highly relational industry. You need to stay relevant in the conversations happening among your target audience when you engage on social media. Whether you currently are engaging in Social Media or are new to the game, there are many ways you can take your content to the next level. This article will discuss the basic principles that guide successful Social Media marketing for companies in the healthcare industry. 

Educate Your Followers

When individuals follow healthcare companies online, they are not just looking for information on illnesses, they are hoping to hear the information they need to know to stay well and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As healthcare professionals, you are the experts in the field. You can use your platform to inform the public about a variety of different things, including:

  • The role of healthy living in overall wellness
  • Preventative health measures
  • The local spread of viruses and infections 
  • Common misconceptions about health 
  • Remedies for common ailments
  • Current trends in the healthcare industry

When you utilize a Social Media platform, you can use real-time data to drive your audience to the truth. 

Engage Consumers

One of the unique aspects of Social Media marketing is that it allows you to speak directly with your audience. Your online presence offers people the opportunity to send direct messages or leave comments. If customers ask questions about your posts, you have the ability to speak with them directly and answer any questions they may have. Because of personal conversations and direct contact, you have the ability to gain a reputation of being responsive, trustworthy, and reliable. This is not something that you can do on a haphazard basis. Customers are looking for “real-time” engagement. Having an individual or agency engaging with your audience is critical.

Support Former Patients

Some patients may create posts or reviews about their experience at your facility. If you see patients that post positive reviews about your services, you can comment back to them directly and re-post their content. In addition, you can respond directly to individuals who display your facility in a negative light. During this touchpoint, you can work with the patient to address their negative experience. Your Brand will be painted in a positive light when you acknowledge the comments and reviews that are left by patients. Even though these messages may be small, they create a conversation between you and your patient. 

Expand Your Reach

There are billions of people that engage with social platforms on a daily basis. If you want to expand your reach, Social Media provides a huge opportunity to connect with individuals that may not be familiar with your services. You can reach your target audience by being informative and talking about relevant topics. In addition, you are easily found in searches when you use consistent hashtags.

Establish Your Expertise

When you are posting content, make sure that all posts portray your Brand as the expert. Talk about relevant trends as they are happening. Combat common misconceptions. When you do these things, you show that you are extremely knowledgeable in your industry. Provide consumers with information that is supported by extensive data and research. Integrate unique perspectives into the conversation. 

Showcase Culture

Not only can Social Media be used to showcase your expertise to potential patients, it can be used to attract top talent to your facility. Display the culture of your company in a way that attracts professionals that are searching for a career change. By showcasing your culture, you reveal why your facility is the best place to work. Therefore, top talent will be attracted to open positions.

Quicks Tips for Creating Successful Social Media Posts

Although your content may be stellar, it is important that it is easy to find. Some tips for writing successful posts include:

  • Use short sentences
  • Always use clear photos or infographics
  • Talk about content that is trending
  • Post consistently
  • Ask questions that engage the audience
  • Engage emotions

These simple tricks will help you capture the attention of your audience.

Case Study: Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is one of the most renowned medical clinics in the country. They have invested resources into their Social Media strategy. Mayo Clinic uses their platform to:

  • Display thought leadership in the industry
  • Answer questions and solve challenges submitted by followers
  • Showcase culture and attract top talent
  • Disperse information about relevant topics

Unlike many other clinics, Mayo Clinic has a social media presence that enhances their entire Brand. With their Social presence, they have been able to attract new customers and talented employees. 


In conclusion, having a robust Social Media strategy is crucial for companies in the healthcare industry. It is important that your online presence aligns with the mission and values of your company. Because of the influence that Social Media has on your Brand, your platform can be used to attract new customers and potential employees. RocketDog helps Brands enhance their customer experience by creating Social Media experiences that engage customers in a meaningful way. Brands can educate followers and showcase their expertise through social media platforms. Contact RocketDog today if you are looking to integrate Social Media into your Brand strategy.