At one point in time, the Brand you represent had only one or two employees. With no capital and no disposable funds, you did what you could to reach your target audience. With time, your company grew and began to diversify the work and expand your  client base. Unfortunately, as companies grow, many neglect to keep their branding up to date. Your Brand is your identity, It’s more than just a logo or a business card, it’s your promise. Your Brand is what potential clients see when they visit your Website, interact with your print materials, see your ad in a magazine or online. Many people forget that your Brand is what top talent is interested in when they are vetting your job opportunities. Brand is bigger than just a logo or tagline, it is an experience that embodies the heart of what you do.

You may be wondering, “Do I really have to change my Branding through time?” The short answer is yes. Would you want to leave your Facebook status as “in a relationship” if you were actually single? Your Branding allows you to show off your skills, become more accessible, and develop a well-rounded Brand personality.

There are many benefits of Brand evolution. In this article, we will discuss why it is important that all Brands prioritize evolution.

Developing a Well-Rounded Brand Identity

When you invest the necessary resources in improving your Branding, you develop a well-rounded identity for your business. You would be shocked at the percentage of consumers who choose to support companies based on their Branding and online content. Recently, RocketDog revamped a Website as part of the overall work for it’s client, Sumbridge. The former Website was more transactional and straightforward. Without an engaging first impression, customers were left wondering if Sumbridge was a brand that could deliver on the fantastic client experience that they promise. When you take a holistic approach to Branding, there is a relational aspect that enhances your reputation in the industry. It is important to give your audience insight into the people that are behind the work.

Become More Believable

When developing a high quality Brand identity, it is important that your content is believable. It is easy to state what you do and how you do it, but it is harder to prove the impact of your work. By creating a holistic Brand identity, consumers gain a better perspective of the company as a whole. This new perspective allows customers to believe the impact that is being made. Top talent seekers are more likely to pay attention to brands that accurately express their position in the industry and the value they place on employees.

Increase Engagement

Websites need to be engaging and intuitive. Customers and job seekers should easily understand how to get in contact with the right person. In addition, site visitors should see interactive content that helps them learn more about the products and services you deliver. At RocketDog, we are not in the business of creating boring Websites. We create sites that jump out at customers and employees, allowing them to see the brilliance of the business. 

You May Be Thinking “I Already Have A Cool Logo...”

Branding is far bigger than a logo. Branding is the experience that is had by any client or potential employee that engages with you! What does your Branding say about your company? Does your Branding express your stellar expertise in the field?

Case Study 1: Sumbridge

Sumbridge is a company in Seattle, WA that is committed to helping companies with their accounting and finance people needs. After years of not evolving their online presence, Sumbridge decided that they wanted to create a Website that embodied the heart and soul of the work they do. After RocketDog delivered a suite of printed and digital materials that helped to evolve their Brand, Sumbridge wanted to evolve their online presence. Rosie, the managing partner at Sumbridge, left a testimonial stating “The team at RocketDog Communications delivered quality work within a strict timeline and budget. Their communication style was noteworthy. Their detailed approach complemented their project management style.”

When they began working with Rocketdog, Sumbridge was struggling to utilize their Branding in a way that attracted new customers and prospective employees. The latest project and suite of materials developed reflects the relational side of the work they do.

Case Study 2: Thinkspace

Thinkspace is an incredibly innovative company in the co-working space industry. Unfortunately, their initial branding caused them to sink behind big name brands such as “Wework.” Rocketdog facilitated market research to discover what the demands of the industry were and how to position Thinkspace in a way that established them as a leader in the space. Rocketdog delivered a suite of marketing materials that included event graphics, email campaigns, digital marketing strategies, and an improved Website.

After the project, Peter Chee, the Founder of Thinkspace, stated “...they delivered on all fronts, both on time and on budget. We feel our brand is stronger, more engaging, and it certainly positions us well in a very competitive market.”

If you are working in a crowded industry, it is crucial that your Branding stands out above the competition. Your Brand identity can help you to express your innovation, creativity, and position as a market leader.


Branding is a crucial part of any marketing strategy. Your Brand identity allows consumers to create a connection with your brand which helps to develop loyalty. The most effective way to rise above your competition is to invest in your marketing and Branding strategies. Your Brand identity can make or break your ability to attract new customers and top talent. By establishing a reputable Brand identity, you can engage your customers in a new way. Your Branding creates loyalty, connection, and understanding. If you are ready to take your Brand to the next level, contact RocketDog today.