Historically, Tech companies spend most of their energy on bettering their products and services, forgetting that marketing should be a priority. If you do not advertise your product, how will consumers know that you are continuing to grow and innovate? As a tech company, what do you want to be known for in the industry? Do you want to be the company that has cutting edge ideas? Do you want to be the tried and true Brand that people can trust? Once you determine what your competitive edge is, it is time to begin marketing!

All of your marketing materials should portray that you are indeed the expert compared to other Tech companies. One of the most effective forms of advertising is email marketing. Email marketing allows Brands to have frequent touchpoints with consumers. In addition, email marketing allows you to distribute meaningful content directly into the hands of your audience. The best part of email marketing is that all of it is trackable, making it easy to identify your strengths and weaknesses.At RocketDog, we help Tech companies develop strong email campaigns that expand their base and increase their relevance in the market.

For Tech companies, email marketing can be difficult. With so much movement happening in the industry, how do you define an email strategy? In this article, we will discuss how Tech companies can craft emails that drive results.

Step 1: Make A Strategy

The first step in any successful marketing campaign is developing a strategy. When you do not have a strategy, you do not have direction or measurable results. There are a few important components of a strong email marketing strategy. These components include:

  • Defining Your Goals
  • Identifying Your Audience
  • Finding Your Tone
  • Diversifying the Content
  • Solving a Problem

When developing a strategy, you first need to define your goals. After defining the goals, you can establish the audience that you want to reach. From there, it is important to develop a consistent tone and voice that will be used across all your messaging. Even though the tone stays consistent, the content will vary. How often should you send promotional emails vs. emails that offer insight into the industry? How many emails should be informative vs. educational? It is important that customers see you as the expert across the industry, not just in one specific topic. Lastly, it is crucial that you solve a problem with your email marketing efforts. You must be creating value for your customers. If you are just sending an email without thought, you are not finding solutions for the challenges that the marketplace is facing.

Step 2: Segment Your Audience 

Most companies have various audiences that engage with different departments of their Brand. Likely, communication is different between both new and old clients. When you segment your audience, you can ensure that each message is being sent to only the individuals that may benefit from it. Segmenting the market allows you to speak more directly and allows consumers to relate to your products in a meaningful way.

Step 3: Develop Content that Sparks Interest

As a consumer, you have received emails that just offer more of the same information. When you extend a message out to a client, you want to ensure that it is interesting and relevant! In addition, content needs to be researched, written, and edited thoroughly. When you are strategizing how to spark interest, do not settle for using catchy slogans and corny lines. Develop content that actually means something to the people who are working to reach.

Step 4: Determine a Good Structure for Email Frequency

To determine email frequency, you must know your audience well. If you are marketing to Tech consultants, it is likely that their schedule is variable. In that case, it may be beneficial to send communication out first thing in the morning. If you are marketing directly to consumers, it could work best to send messages in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon hours, after individuals have sorted through the other messages in their inbox. In addition to optimizing the time of messages, it is important to optimize the frequency of messages. Although you want to have frequent touchpoins with consumers, you do not want to bombard them to the point where they “unsubscribe” from all your marketing. Determine a frequency that provides value without overwhelming. 

Step 5: Study Analytics

As you determine the frequency and timing of your messaging, it is crucial that you study analytics! There are many awesome email marketing tools that you can enable to track analytics. At RocketDog, we help our clients develop email campaigns that dramatically improve their open rate, conversion rate, and click through rate. By investing in improving the analytics that matter, email marketing can offer an incredible return on investment.


With so much energy being placed on products and processes, Tech companies often forget the importance of marketing. Email marketing has been proven to have the highest return on investment when compared to other marketing techniques. At RocketDog, we believe that a strong email marketing campaign can help improve the overall value of a Brand. When you begin to study analytics, segment the audience, and develop a cohesive strategy, you will begin seeing the opportunity that email marketing offers. Contact RocketDog today if you are looking to develop emails that produce results.