RocketDog recently celebrated our 20th anniversary! Over the past twenty years, we are grateful to have worked with amazing team members and incredible clients that are making a huge impact in the Seattle area.

Michael Elliott is the Founder and Design Commander of RocketDog Communications. When asked about the success of RocketDog, Michael shares,

“We know that customers interact with Brands in a multitude of ways, through both traditional and digital media. Whether the customer needs help with updating their Brand, launching a product or service, or shortening their sales cycle, we can handle it. We do our best work when we get to work on multiple channels to deliver a new Brand experience.”

- Michael Elliott, President RocketDog

Thankfully, we have had the ability to help with marketing, advertising, Branding, Website design, and event Branding initiatives for dozens of incredible companies. 

Looking back over the last twenty years, there are many challenges and opportunities that we have faced. Some of the highlights over the past two decades include:

There are many things that we have learned over the last two decades. Some of our key insights are:

  • Branding is far bigger than a logo, it incorporates every touchpoint that a consumer has with a client. Brands have the opportunity to impact their customer base through meaningful and consistent messaging.
  • Integrated marketing communication strategies are critical for Brands hoping to streamline their messaging.
  • The customer experience is more than a touchpoint, it is a promise that Brands make to consumers.
  • We have had the amazing opportunity to work with some amazing clients!

As we look ahead to the next twenty years, we are excited to see the growth that is to come.

Thank you to the employees, clients, and individuals who have contributed to the success of RocketDog Communications. We promise to continue delivering incredible Brand experiences to our clients in Seattle, San Diego, and across the nation.