When Clutch first informed us of the new year-in-review feature on our profile we were intrigued about what we’d find. This was supposed to be a new dashboard that summarized all the activity data our profile collected over the year and presented in easy to share slides.

While we appreciated all the numbers and data that we found, it was the highlighted quote that stood out the most for us.

This lone statement represents why these reviews are so important for us. They allow us to get to the heart of what our clients think about the work we do. These allow us to make the necessary changes, make the right decisions, and get recognized for the improvements we’ve made.

Earlier in the year, we were awarded by Clutch as one of the top web agencies in Seattle thanks in large part to the contributions of comments just like this one. We are still proud of that achievement and this is what our Founder had to say about that particular milestone.

We are excited once again to be recognized as of the top agencies on Clutch!” - Michael Elliott, Owner of RocketDog Communications.

On top of all that, we discovered that we’ve also been named as the top print design firm in Bellevue in a recent report. Things are definitely looking up for our team, and we’ll be working hard to maintain and improve our position in the coming months. 

We owe our success to our team’s dedication to delivering exactly what our clients are looking for. You can get the same treatment and success for your own company. All you need to do is go online and contact our team through our contact form today.