The RocketDog team is excited to welcome Kyle Hinstorff to the team as the new Officer of New Frontiers. He will be leading our Business Development efforts as we continue to grow our client base. We look forward to Kyle being able to leverage the fantastic creative work we've been able to deliver over the years for not only his vast network, but also for new and exciting clients as we continue to focus on growing RocketDog. Welcome aboard Kyle!! 

What originally drew you to RocketDog

The growth-first mindset! RocketDog’s outstanding portfolio and great people also made it an easy decision to climb aboard. 

What does being the Officer of New Frontiers mean to you?

I see the breadth and depth of RocketDog’s capabilities and expertise across the organization that aligns with my background and strategic approach targeting, acquiring and retaining long-lasting relationships with global brands through a holistic lens to establish an ROE - Return on Experience. The best part of my job is bringing people together to find new perspectives and innovative ideas to solve big, meaty challenges.  

If you were telling your past clients, spouse/significant other, your mom, or your best friend about what makes RocketDog special, what would it be?

It’s a culture that truly lives and breathes the motto, “Creating experiences that change the way people think about brands”. It’s a hugely supportive environment where teams come together to make anything possible.  

If you were trying to convince a potential client to give their business to RocketDog and you had 30 seconds in an elevator, what would you say?

I’ve worked with some great brands and organizations, such as Nike, the Dallas Mavericks, the NBA, but I am most excited about what’s going on at RocketDog! We not only understand the changing landscape -- we’re thriving in it. We’ve managed to take a 20+ year old agency and make it one of the most cutting-edge creative shops on the planet with new talent, new capabilities, and a lot of heart. Every single one of our clients feels that passion every single day. They see it in the work, the partnership and our commitment to delivering solutions that will build their businesses and ideas that keep them at the cutting edge of culture.  

What is your favorite part of the office?

Everyone is excited to get after it, and the hustle is infectious. Hard work leads to inspired creative, inspired creative leads to a magnetic culture, and the magnetic culture is why I’m here at RocketDog! 

Enough about work. What do you love doing on your own time? 

I love playing golf and pickup basketball, going to the movies, enjoying good bourbon, and traveling the country with my wife to find local restaurants that blow your mind.