Do you have an award winning nurse staff? Do you have state-of-the-art orthopedics equipment? Do you have a world-renown Oncology department? Do other people and other potential patients know about it?

That's the beauty of Search Engine Marketing or SEO Marketing. It's an easy way to inform and educate people who are actively searching for the services and amenities that you offer. There are a couple of well known search engines out there (perhaps you've heard of them) called Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Having your business listed at the top of their search results is a holy grail for organic search marketing.

But what exactly is Organic Search Marketing? It's another word for SEO. In fact it's the best kind of SEO because it's free! Unlike the paid or 'sponsored' links you will see pop up after you run a search, Organic SEO is a strategic way to get your company listed without an additional ad buy. Search Engine Optimization is not easy though. Especially for Health Care Providers who have large websites with a multitude of pages full of content. That's exactly the type challenge that many of our RocketDog clients have run into, and luckily that's one of the things that we excel at!

Our dedicated SEO manager does a top to bottom evaluation of websites checking linkability, metedata, site architecture, robot meta tags, site content, header tags, image tags, alt tags, outlinks, and much, MUCH more. We know it sounds overwhelming, but that's what we're here for! We love to help empower clients by giving you the tools to succeed, and actionable solutions that benefit your business. At RocketDog we have customized a handy dandy check list that we use to walk our customer's through the current state of their web presence after we perform an SEO audit. This lets us:

1. Identify realistic online goals for organic growth

2. Make suggestions that will help you achieve those goals.

Health Care Marketing in particular is a fun exercise for our group because unlike many of our national clients, Health Care is generally focused on a more regionally target approach. We get to work with individuals who need to increase foot traffic in their offices, up their online presence in surrounding areas, and educate their customers about new and expanding service lines. Because of our years of experience in helping medical professionals reach their SEO goals, we treat each project as a new challenge to help our customer's generate unique and searchable content while elevating their current web presence. This gives them maximum visibility to anyone searching in their area and it allows us to keep up on the rapidly changing search engine algorithms that Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines use. These algorithms can sometimes sabotage even the best intentioned SEO professionals, but thankfully we have been able to garner higher rankings for our clients by evolving their SEO strategies regularly with minimum impact to  their site.

We also customize monthly reports for each of clients. This is something that we firmly believe in for the success and longevity of your online presence. It allows us to identify potential areas that might need help on your site and it gives us insight into how we can better promote your business online. With reporting tools we can adjust specific attributes of your site's content or meta data and test for best practices and results.

Our goal is to set you up for success by giving you a site that is optimized to be highly searchable, easy to navigate, and visually dynamic. We know you're busy trying to run your business, heck our heads swim every time we see our client's calendars while we try to set up meetings! But that's why we're here, RocketDog is set up to be your partner in SEO marketing and to deliver you the best possible results.

Contact RocketDog today for your own Website evaluation, you might be surprised at what we find!