Companies are constantly wondering the qualities that are most important to look for in new employees. Should a company hire prospective employees that have amazing design skills? Should brands focus on finding prospects that have long-term vision and strategy? Should you hire someone that is trustworthy, reliable, and detail-oriented? Every open position in a company is associated with a list of responsibilities and expectations. Likely, you will receive many applicants that check all of the requirements of the position. So what makes one applicant stand out from the next?

In our 20 years of experience, the team at RocketDog has determined that the most important thing to analyze when vetting candidates is the way that they will fit with the culture of the organization. In this article, we will share seven reasons why we believe that brands should hire based on culture.

1. Do You Really Need Another Design Diva?

There are many talented individuals in the candidate pool that have advanced design skills. As a marketing agency, it is important that all employees work well together in order to create cohesive material for the clients. When you hire someone who has strong opinions and definitive techniques, it may be hard to incorporate their talents into the workflow. Although it is important to ensure that a prospective candidate has creative abilities, it is more important to understand that they will be able to respect the other talents that their team presents.

2. Increase Employee Retention

When someone is not satisfied with their position, they will not have a long lifespan at the company. When you are filling a position, it is important that your brand aligns with the goals and objectives that the employee has. If an individual does not feel valued or engaged, they will not have a reason to stick around. When team members are engaged, collaborative, and inspired, they are more likely to continue investing deeper into their roles. As a brand, low turnover rates are valuable. In brands that are known for having high company culture, the turnover rate drops from 48% to 14%. When you have loyal employees, you can save money, increase business, and develop advanced expertise.

3. Your Team Is Your Biggest Asset

Over the last two decades, RocketDog has discovered that our team is our greatest asset. At the end of the day, the employees we have determine the voice of our brand, the quality of our work, and the happiness of our day-to-day work environment. When you have an adaptable team, you can overcome challenges and adjust services based on the needs presented from the marketplace. If your employees are stuck in their ways, they are less likely to adapt to the changes that are occurring. 

4. The Hiring Process Allows You To Deepen Your Brand Personality

As a Brand, there are qualities that you want to be known for. You likely want to be known for offering top-notch services, giving back to the community, and having a diverse team. When you hire new employees, you have the ability to reinforce the qualities that you want to be true about your company. When you hire purely based on talent, you are not reinforcing the characteristics that you value most.

At RocketDog, we value grit, flexibility, and originality. We value when people bring new ideas to the table, show up to social events, and complete their tasks with excellence. In order to create marketing collateral for clients, we must utilize the skill sets of many different employees. In the hiring process, we ask questions that allow us to see different aspects of the applicants personality. This process allows us to determine if an individual will strengthen our team.

5. Allows You To “Win” Top Talent

Employees desire to find a place of employment that they love. People do not want to work with people that they dislike or lack inspiration. At the end of the day, all individuals want to work with people they like in a place where there is opportunity for growth and development. When you create a desirable culture, employees will want to work with you. 46% of job seekers admit that culture is important when choosing a company to apply to. They will want to utilize their expertise to help your Brand excel. When you develop a flourishing culture, top talent will seek out your organization.

6. Helps You Stand Out From The Competition

There are alot of Brands that are fighting for a commitment from top talent. Nowadays, many relevant Brands are offering flexible PTO, office perks, remote options, and employee-paid social events. In order to continue growing and attracting interest, you must develop a culture that people do not want to say no to. As you continue hiring good culture fits, they will reinforce your mission, vision and values.

7. Saves Time and Money

Many issues occur when employees do not get along. Projects are delayed, workflow is interrupted, and human resources are utilized in order to mitigate problems among the staff. When you have a team that works well together, you can trust that they will resolve problems quickly and discover solutions to recurring issues. If you are constantly trying to dissolve disagreements between disgruntled employees, you will lose valuable time. When problems are delayed or postponed, you could miss out on money. Investing in employees can increase their productivity levels by over 8%. When you hire based on culture, you ensure that the staff is capable of working through problems and find solutions.

The Bottom Line

Quality culture is no longer an option for Brands. Culture is a means of survival. If you want to attract the best employees, retain quality staff members, and continue to grow, you must invest in the cohesiveness of the team. Not only will this make your Brand more profitable, it will make your work day more enjoyable. At RocketDog, we have seen massive success because we continue to hire employees that understand our culture and mission.