July 9, 2021

Clutch recognizes RocketDog as one of the Top Web Design Agencies in Seattle

At RocketDog, we create experiences that enhance brand perception. We’re a full-service integrated design and marketing agency. We create digital products such as Websites and marketing materials, and we service launches, branding initiatives, email campaigns, social media strategies, and more. With over 22 years of experience, we are experts in customizing designs that connect and resonate with audiences. Through originality and innovation, we deliver solutions that drive customer engagement, employee commitment, and financial performance.

Recently, Clutch recognized our efforts and named us a Top Web Designer in Seattle!

Clutch is a B2B market research company in the heart of Washington, DC that aims to help businesses of all sizes identify and connect with the agencies they need to achieve their goals. They cover diverse industries, such as IT, advertising, and marketing, and their team of analysts conducts in-depth interviews with clients about the quality of their engagement with service providers. Clutch also carefully creates lists of the market leaders by industry and location, to enable companies to establish credibility and to allow buyers to find the right provider. 

That said, we’re proud to be a 2021 Clutch leader in our field. This award is a testament to our expertise as a design agency and our ability to deliver to our clients. “We are excited once again to be recognized as one of the top agencies on Clutch!” said RocketDog’s CEO. 

One of the reasons behind the award was our outstanding performance on Clutch. We currently have an average rating of 4.8 stars, with positive feedback from our past and current clients. One of them was the founder of a diversity consultancy group, who said, “We got exactly what we needed from RocketDog. They made the adjustments and delivered the design sensibility that got us exactly where we needed to go. It was a night and day change and made all the difference in presenting our work with a design edge that matched the hard work we had already put into it.” To read more reviews, visit our Clutch profile!

Start your next website, advertising campaign, or logo project with an award-winning agency! Contact us today, and let’s discuss how we can work together to reach your goals.

March 25, 2021

DesignRush recognizes RocketDog as a Top Digital Agency in San Diego and Seattle

Have you heard the news? RocketDog has been named one of the Top Digital Agencies by DesignRush. We are honored to be recognized alongside some of the most accomplished agencies in the industry. In both Seattle and San Diego, we employ a team of digital experts that create stunning collateral for every client that we work with.

So what does it mean to be a top digital agency? At RocketDog, there are a few unique characteristics that take our services to the next level.

  • We Leverage Industry Knowledge
    • At RocketDog, we encourage our team members to take courses, partake in studies, and implement practices that keep us up to date on the latest trends in digital marketing
  • Every Solution Is Customized
    • There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to digital design. We work closely with each client to craft a solution that accomplishes their goals
  • We Create Solutions That Change The Way That People Experience Your Brand
    • At RocketDog, we are not in the business of creating boring marketing materials. We work with companies to truly transform the digital experience that people have with the Brand

Thank you for supporting the RocketDog team in both Seattle and San Diego. We are excited to continue assisting businesses with their digital needs.

If you are looking to renovate the way that people experience your Brand, contact RocketDog today.

March 13, 2021

DesignRush Recognizes RocketDog as a Top Social Media Agency in California

Over twenty years ago, Michael Elliott saw an opportunity in the marketing industry. As the methods for marketing were becoming more diverse, it was clear that a team of specialists was needed to effectively communicate across all channels. To solve this issue, Michael created RocketDog, a company that could align with their customer base to create effective Branding and marketing initiatives. Twenty years later, RocketDog has had the ability to partner with hundreds of brands across the country through its offices in California, Texas and headquarters, in Washington.

With the rise of social media, we have stayed on the cutting edge of trends, shifts, and disruptions that take place across all platforms. We have committed to help our clients conduct quality market research that improves the effectiveness of their social media efforts. 

We are thrilled to announce that we have been named as one of the Top Social Media Marketing Agencies in California by DesignRush.

Michael Elliott, the Design Commander of RocketDog, stated “I am so proud of the grit and determination that the team shows on a daily basis. Although social media trends are constantly shifting, they continue to uncover the right solutions for every customer.”

If you are looking to unleash your Brand potential through social media, contact the team at RocketDog today.

March 2, 2021

DesignRush Recognizes RocketDog as a Top Branding Agency in California

At RocketDog, Quality Branding Is At The Heart And Soul Of Every InitiativeWe Deliver

The team at RocketDog has continued to grow and develop over the last twenty years. Through our experience, we have learned many things. We have learned that it takes a team of incredible employees to develop effective marketing strategies. We have seen the impact that streamlined messaging has on overall success, top-line revenue, and brand reputation. In addition, we have learned that quality Branding can transform the success of a company. 

We are humbled to announce that we have been recognized as one of the Top Branding Agencies in the State of California by DesignRush. Alongside many other amazing companies, we have the ability to bring creative campaigns, effective strategies, and quality collateral to our clients across the state.  Over the last two decades, we have been able to help design captivating Branding materials for our customer base across California and Washington.

Branding is much more than a color scheme and an eye-catching logo. Branding encompasses the language, tone, and images that are utilized by your company. Every touchpoint in the customer experience can make or break your reputation. Because this experience is comprehensive, we employ social media gurus, designers, copywriters, and strategists that work together to develop a cohesive plan.

If you are looking to develop your Brand reputation while increasing reach and awareness, contact RocketDog today.

August 4, 2020

RocketDog Recognized as a Top Creative Services and Advertising Agency in the Seattle Market

We are super excited to announce that RocketDog has been recognized by Clutch for our consistent and excellent work for our fantastic clients. Clutch is recognizing RocketDog as a “Top Creative and Design Agency” and a “Top Advertising and Marketing Agency.” With over twenty years of market experience, the RocketDog team has continued to grow and innovate so that we can change the way people interact with our client’s Brands.

Michael Elliott, the Design Commander of RocketDog, is excited to see the continued success that RocketDog has experienced in the Seattle market. Michael commented, “It’s always great to be recognized for the awesome solutions we've delivered for our clients. As a team, we excel in delivering a wide range of services, including interactive Web design, traditional and digital marketing solutions, and social media strategies. We have continued to work closely with our clients to help them build deeper connections with their customers.” 

RocketDog excels when we can dig deep with our clients and deliver creative solutions that have an impact . What makes us shine in the Seattle market:

  • We have continued to grow over the last two decades by delivering effective creative solutions
  • As a full-service agency, we are able to deliver services for many different industries
  • We are flexible and willing to do the hard work that is necessary to create Branding that lasts for many years

RocketDog is excited to continue delivering outstanding work in the Seattle market. We are grateful to be recognized by Clutch alongside other great creative services agencies. Throughout this unprecedented time, we are thankful to have a group of collaborators that stands together through thick and thin. If you are interested in the marketing, design, or creative services of RocketDog, reach out today.

June 24, 2020

RocketDog Recognized As a Top Advertising Agency in Seattle

Expertise is a company that works to connect people with local professionals that are experts in their field. This year, RocketDog is thrilled to be recognized as a “Top 24 Advertising Agency in Seattle.” The Expertise award is composed of five different components:

  • Reputation
  • Credibility
  • Experience
  • Availability
  • Professionalism

RocketDog has consistently shown excellence across all five components of this award. The team at RocketDog is excited and thankful to have continued support from some great companies across the Seattle market.

With many outstanding agencies located throughout Seattle, RocketDog is thrilled to be ranked among them. With over twenty years of experience in the advertising industry, RocketDog has continued to show their professionalism and experience by delivering creative solutions to clients across a variety of different industries.

Michael Elliott, the Design Commander at RocketDog, stated “Seattle is a city full of great agencies, creative professionals and innovative Brands. We are grateful to be recognized for our ability to create Branding that helps our clients take their business to the next level. We are working hard to continue to grow each and every year. I am inspired by the creative work that is being done by our team and I always enjoy seeing great work from the other agencies recognized by Expertise.”

RocketDog creates experiences that change the way people interact with the Brands we work with. If you are interested in learning more about the RocketDog areas of expertise, contact us today.

September 5, 2013

RocketDog Communications Receives 2013 Washington Excellence Award

RocketDog Communications receives 2013 Washington Excellence Award 

- September 13th 2013 -  RocketDog Communications has been selected for the 2013 Washington Excellence Award amongst all its peers and competitors by the Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce (SBIEC).

Each year the SBIEC conducts business surveys and industry research to identify companies that have achieved demonstrable success in their local business environment and industry category. They are recognized as having enhanced the commitment and contribution of small businesses through service to their customers and community. Small businesses of this caliber enhance the consumer driven stature that Washington is renowned for.

RocketDog Communications has consistently demonstrated a high regard for upholding business ethics and company values which is a trait seldom found in its industry. This recognition by SBIEC marks a significant achievement as an emerging leader within various competitors and is setting benchmarks that the industry should follow.

As part of the industry research and business surveys, various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the selected companies in each category. This research is part of an exhaustive process that encapsulates a year long immersion in the business climate of Washington.


The SBIEC is a leading authority on researching, evaluating and recognizing companies across a wide spectrum of industries that meet its stringent standards of excellence. It has spearheaded the idea of independent enterprise and entrepreneurial growth allowing businesses of all sizes to be recognized locally and encouraged globally.

Particular emphasis is given to meeting and exceeding industry benchmarks for customer service, product quality and ethical practices. Industry leading standards and practices have been developed and implementation of the same has been pioneered by the dedicated efforts of the business community and commerce leadership.

September 4, 2013

RocketDog Communications Receives 1st and 2nd Place in Regional Print Competition

RocketDog Communications of Seattle, Washington received an award for outstanding achievement in Catalog and Promotional Campaigns in the 2nd Annual PrintROCKS! Awards, a region-wide printing competition hosted by the Pacific Printing & Imaging Association (PPI), a trade association for printing and the graphic arts in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington

RocketDog received 1st Place in Catalogs and 2nd Place for Promotional Campaigns. The company’s winning submission was a print piece/brochure for Wimmer Solutions. Click here to view the winning brochure.

We LOVE to hear this kind of feedback from our client
“You f-ing ROCK! That thing is on like Donkey Kong!"
– Matt Suri, Owner, Wimmer Solutions

“We are so proud of our winning team,” said Michael Elliott, VP of RocketDog. “It’s an honor to be recognized by the industry as a company that produces top quality, award winning materials.” Jules Van Sant, PPI Executive Director, agrees. “RocketDog should be very proud of their company’s achievement and the excellent work done by their employees.”

The PrintROCKS! Award recognizes those responsible for the creation and production of print communications in the region. The competition promotes excellence in print communications and rewards companies and individuals who produce the best in print media.

January 21, 2013

RocketDog Excited to be Named One of Seattle’s Top 25 Graphic Design Firms Again

Once again, RocketDog makes the list of Top Graphic Design Firms in Seattle by the Puget Sound Business Journal. RocketDog continues to grow and expand its expertise in the arena of design, branding and integrated marketing solutions.

"As a team we are excited to be included again in a list of Top Graphic Design firms in Seattle, for nearly 10 years now. The team has worked to create some amazing solutions for our clients over the years." - Michael Elliott, Principal

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